The Khalsa College Charitable Society, no doubt, lays emphasis on moulding and reshaping the Punjabi youth according to Sikh ideals, yet it has always maintained a secular stance and outlook since its inception. The mission and vision of Khalsa College Charitable Society, Amritsar as enshrined in its Constitution are as follows:

  • To provide higher education with a focus on transformative education in the context of globalization
  • To provide opportunities for educational, vocational, professional, social, linguistic and cultural development to the people of all abilities and backgrounds; so that they can discover their potential and fulfill their aspirations
  • To develop multidimensional personality of the students by providing them opportunities  to participate in religious, cultural, co-curricular, theatrical, literary and sports activities.
  •  To value originality and vision, encourage initiative and promote creativity.
  •  To instill a sense of pride and achievement of personal accomplishment and to develop a sense of responsibility towards society, fellow beings and the nation.
  • To inculcate in the students   high   standards   of   morality, culture, character and secularism as taught by Sikh Gurus and laid down in the holy Guru Granth Sahib.

To produce intelligent and useful citizens with a high sense of integrity, moral sense, fellow feelings  and patriotism.